The only way for me to get a maximum amount of painting done, in the limited time I have, is by being super structured with my free time. This means ALWAYS being at home through the middle of the day when one or both of my small children sleep. I then paint again every night after dinner, from around eight through till roughly eleven oclock. The rest of my day is a varied mix of “play” dates, email time, housework, gardening, kid stuff, I am sure you get the idea. So it is not often that I am willing to throw caution to the wind and break routine for a day (not very free and creative I know), but, we all do what works!
Today was an exception to the rule, we live close enough to a great seaside town and with a friend we escaped for a day! Not much time I know, but enough to give me fresh eyes and a promise to myself to get out of town more often!
Does this happen to any one else? That madness that comes from sameness! I’d love to hear your thoughts and your plans for escape!