I have four children and am often asked how I find the time to paint, as it’s the beginning of a new year today, I know a lot of you will be thinking of the things you’d like to achieve in the coming months. If doing more creatively is part of your goals I’d love to share a few simple things that work for me.
-schedule time for your creativity, whether it be an hour in the early morning, daytime nap time or at night in front of the t.v. Then stick to your commitment as often as you can. Ignoring housework or other tasks is essential, (I read this to my husband who gave me a knowing smile), otherwise before you know it your set aside time will have disappeared. Don’t be discouraged if your progress is slow because pretty soon you will see the benefits of your small steps.
-if you have children, include them rather than exclude them from your activities.. I find small children lose interest very quickly and will often let you create in peace and play their own games (which is great for their own creativity) and older children benefit from your time and the conversations that come about are generally insightful. I know this advice is very general, but, a relaxed approach to making and creativity goes a long way when children are involved.
Wishing you all a great 2014, I have some exciting stuff art wise up my sleeve (solo exhibition in April) and can’t wait to get it all started. I would love for you to comment and give me your tips for working creatively, especially if you have kids around or are time poor.
Happy new year to you all!
Jasmine x