I have a house with a white picket fence, literally and metaphorically speaking. I only just thought about this fact today, not the literal obvious paint peeling white picket fence, but the heart warming metaphorical one. It is not everyone’s childhood dream, probably up there with intravenous injections and trips to the dentist for some people, but for me, I always wanted a white picket fence kind of life.

I always imagined I’d have children at my feet, multi tasking to complete loads of washing and oven loads of yummy things to eat, all the while stepping aside to whip up some awesome inspiring art. Well the reality of course is different and real life with a family throws some new challenge my way every five minutes. Schedules are hard to stick to, but if I step out of them, then chaos reigns. I do have children at my feet, also ones that eyeball me, I do wash, cook and paint and all behind a white picket fence.

I am blessed to have a great man to share all the chaos and craziness with and to remind me that if we blink to long we might just miss something special. That these days will be done all to soon. I assure you that lately I have needed to be reminded of this fact often. After giving this aspect of my life so much thought, I am confident that a white picket fence will appear in a painting sometime soon!