I delivered a painting earlier this week and shared a cup of tea and a heart to heart with it’s new owner. We talked about the things that my work seems to always make people talk about. That is, the realities we all share, of life and death and love, and then we got around to money. This person had come into what I deem to be a life changing amount of money and there was one thing she said that day that I felt profoundly touched by.  So, much so that I felt tears in my eyes driving home and a week later, it’s still with me. So I thought I should share it.

Because money has always seemed for me, to be the pinnacle, and the obstacle, the thing I don’t quite have enough of, the illusive thing, in an otherwise perfect life. So, when this person said to me that in the getting of money, she learnt the biggest lesson in her life, that in obtaining money she realised that having money actually changes nothing, not a thing really, that she realised then, how unimportant money really is, that the same troubles are there and the same pleasures. That it truly still is the little things that mean the most. Straight from the horses mouth.

Definitely something to think about.. I am blessed and always have enough for good food, heating, education, (everything I need)…etc.. Its just the extra I am talking about, the stuff to make big things happen for me, (big projects etc). This post is just a reminder to myself to not getting caught up in the fine print. To live life with gratitude and to give more of what I do have, (time and creativity…)

There it is folks… I’d love to know what you think?

(and there is still two of the four paintings from the last post; here, on sale, get in touch for a price, and I can post anywhere for $30)

Happy sunday everyone,, hope you have a wonderful week..

Jasmine xx