I am exhibiting in the SOLO section of Art Expo New York in March 2013, this is the worlds largest fine arts trade show, in it’s 34th year. I am excited about the Art Expo and the doors which are already opening as a result. It is a long way from my years spent growing up in Katherine in the Northern Territory. I have been painting since I was seventeen and it has been step after step of opportunities which have led to my invitation to exhibit in New York

I painted houses quite a lot when I was younger and have been doing so again for this exhibition.  A sense of belonging has become increasingly important for me in the last few years and thinking retrospectively, I can see that I have been using the houses as metaphors for the human experience, be it mine or people whose experiences have impacted on me. The idea of home and belonging is so intrinsic to our wellbeing and when large scale disasters and tragedies happen in the world around us, they truly affect me, like Sandy in the US or the recent QLD floods closer to home. Our homes are our sanctuaries, yet they are still so vulnerable, as are we as people. Life is fragile and beautiful, and yet this is something we so easily forget.

In my work I have loved the juxtaposition which is homes on cliffs, or in ravines, or alternatively tucked in safe precious places. I want people to remember what is real in life. I also want to present an Australian aesthetic in my work and love the beautiful colour and sharpness of this country.

But this is only a generalisation about the new body of work. Every painting has it’s own little significance. If you would like to know more about any of the work, please get in touch. Or, you can let each piece be personal, and have your own interpretation of what it says to you. I truly love painting and although there are days I feel self absorbed, or distant from the real world, it is the feedback I get from people who encourage me that in the end makes it all worthwhile, if you fall into this catergory, thank you. (My husband being my biggest encourager, so biggest thank you to him).

9. Easy Come Easy Go 2013 7.character revealed 2013 12. Destination-You. 2013. 10. wild horses. 2013. 17. Only memories for company. 2013 19. Tough day, beautiful night. 2013. 18. The way the truth and the life. 2013. 20. Living it up. 2013. 15. Wished for sunshine and along it came. 2013. 16. Halting Inertia. 2013. 13. All around us is chaos and madeness. 2013. 8. Plan B. 2103 21. Miss Australia. 2013. 14. In but not of this world. 2013. 11. Refuge. 2013 5. Kept my doors locked 2013 3. The Autonomy of us 2013 4. contemplating home 2013. 2. Ready to Talk 2013 6.Home for approximately nine thousand, two hundred and twenty two days 2013.

 and last but not least, these photos of my work where taken by www.daniellethomasphotography.com.au