In my house art and sport co exist quite seamlessly. My husband is a lover of sport and as I have often had my “studio” space in our family lounge rooms, I have sat many hours painting and listening to sports commentary while he watches actual games. As a result I have a skewed sports knowledge, I am not distracted by the visuals of a game and I find my brain stores odd abstract facts about things that other people might overlook. It is not that I don’t like sport and all things physical, more that I wasn’t raised to care. For me it is personal aspects of individual sports people that I am more likely to be interested in.

I accept that sport is important to a lot of people but not just me. What I am keen to know is it always a general case of one or the other? Do you have to make that choice? Most people I know are one way or the other. I would be keen for your thoughts on this!