I find myself often having to be reminded about what is really important in life. One particular thing I find challenging is to be present while doing day to day stuff.

I struggle with this often and at the moment it seems extra hard, as my mind is so full of ideas that I feel spread thin. I have so much going on and it can be hard work to focus on what is before me.

I sometimes feel like my head is either in the clouds or in the sand, so to speak, but, I have very real things that have to be done, very present children and teenagers who need me to listen properly and act accordingly, and so the struggle continues with how I divide myself creatively and practically.

Painting is one way that I am able to slow my mind and my hands, to become reflective and to organize my thoughts. I feel refreshed mentally after a few hours in front of an easel. The hard part though is to then leave the painting not just physically but also mentally. All part of the being present challenge!