I am often asked the question, how do I find the time to paint? As I am not painting at the moment, I have had the chance to ask myself the same thing?

The answer is pretty straight forward I guess, as anything that you make a priority in life, you will make time for. For me painting is a priority. At this present time, I have a busy family, so I usually only get a couple of hours each day, with more time on weekends.  I find, however, that those hours add up and eventually, bang, another painting done and a very satisfied me.

There are things I don’t do much of though, as for me they are time wasters, like watching T.V or sitting around etc.. my housework is generally also done in order of priority, so this means doing little often!

Life is short and so it is vital to work out what is important and what will last. For me I see investing time in my art as something that will last longer than a clean floor or perfect make up. Painting gives to me more than it takes. We were all created with unique gifts and talents. What is yours??