I have an exhibition coming up and the closer it gets, the more the butterflies flutter. For me there is a certain level of anxiety that comes with showing my work to strangers. It comes back to the fact that if you put yourself out there, then you put yourself out there to be judged. Just like being back at school when you hoped your finger painting wouldn’t be laughed at when it was put up on the classroom wall.

I have to remind myself that I love what I do, I think it is important and therefore worth sharing. Ultimately I ignore the voice of anxiety because it will only shut me down.
One of the reasons that I provide detailed descriptions of my work, is as a way of tempering that fear of viewer judgement. I trust that my audience will better appreciate what is behind the visuals of my paintings and find them easier to receive and that the viewer will observe my paintings in their correct context.

I don’t know who said it, but this quote often echos in my head, that, “anything worth doing comes at a price”. This is true in so many ways and especially for me when it comes to my art. The price is high in regards to the investment of my time and energy and in the fear of criticism. The reward is great though, I get to do what I love and nothing thrills me more than having someone purchase a piece that realIy resounds with them and having them tell me how that continues to happen over time. I want my art to go home with someone and become an integral part of the “fabric” of their home and something they too love.