Adrian Newstead who opened my exhibition and myself.


A close up of the installation “Thought Catchers”


Adrian delivering his opening speech.


Some dear friends and myself.


Thanking everyone for coming along.

It has been several weeks since my exhibition opened at the Hamilton Art Gallery and I am finally getting some time to think about how it went and what I will do next. I work quite intensely to get projects done and so I find it really hard to transition from that level of activity to having a little “rest”. By resting I mean going to bed at 10:30 instead of midnight, and catching up with all the day to day life stuff that gets swept under the carpet while I am absorbed by my painting, (tax etc!).

Firstly, I thought I should share with you some photos taken at the exhibition. My good friend Danielle from One Day Collective came along and captured it for me. You can see more on her own website here.

My family, (husband and children) were all there, baby Oscar got a bit cranky though and one of his big sisters took him for a walk and then the other little ones needed my hubby to hang with them, and so once again I don’t have a group photo of all of us at an opening.

It is just hard for me to be “professional” and “mum like” in the one place and really exhibitions are work and so the kids have to be flexible if they are going to come along. I do think it is really helpful for them to all see all the paintings etc.. hanging in an exhibition, so they get more of an idea of what I am trying to achieve behind the scenes at home, that is why I always bring them along.

I had three wonderful friends from my days living in the Northern Territory come from there respective homes across the country to support me, This was really nice and made my nerves disappear.  Adrian Newstead also came along from Sydney and did my work justice with his words, when he opened the show for me.

This exhibition featured paintings in various sizes (some very large) and an installation and a wall of triangles. I also did a mural work in the foyer of the Gallery entrance to compliment the show.

It has been a wonderful, productive and creative year for me so far and I feel like all my hard work is starting to pay off. I wake up every day (usually tired), but with gratitude for the fact I am able to do so much of what I enjoy in my day to day life.

Anyhow, I have a lot of things happening over the next few months and I so will try and blog more to keep you all up to speed.

Happy Friday..

Jasmine x