I recently collaborated on a painting project with another artist, Roger Edwards. Together we completed a large mural on the rear wall of the Hamilton NAB Bank.

The mural was designed to compliment the courtyard which holds the “Community Pocket Garden“. We wanted it to be a “courtyard garden within a courtyard garden” and for it to enclose and personalise the space.

Roger is well known for his paintings of birds and so he painted a yellow faced honeyeater, which is very common in the area, nestled in a courtyard of my built spaces.

We used colours from the Haymes paint range, as well as some I mixed myself. By sticking to a limited colour palette felt we kept the design cohesive and easy on the eye.

The courtyard itself was officially opened on the 14th of November.  It is also home to sculptures by Dean Bowen, and a Teepee installation from Trevor Flynn. If you live in the area, or plan to pass through Hamilton, why not make a point to take a look and stretch your legs in this peaceful new space.

So many people were involved in this project, but I want to specifically thank Sue McGinnity from the Hamilton Art Gallery, for her part in making the mural happen. I feel grateful for the opportunity to paint on such a large scale and to help brighten up a once disused, weed ridden space.

If you are interested, you can read more about the garden/project here.

If you would like to discuss a mural you would like me to paint for you, I’d love to hear from you. 2016 is filling up fast.

In the next few days, I will be updating the blog with various projects from the last few months. I have been busy being creative, which is great, but I do like to stop and take stock of it all, and blogging is an effective way for me to do this.

Feel free to share around.