The Monivae College class of 2015, got together and decided to gift their school with a mural. I painted 81 “balloons” for them, representing the 81 students and included their class “motto” GET OUT AND JUST DO IT. It certainly livens up the basement/canteen area and it was a great/fun/easy going project to work on. Thank you Monivae for having me.

Painting "Balloons"...

Painting “Balloons”…

monivae basement 2015

View of the mural.

Almost Done

The finished "Balloon" mural and 2015 class.

The finished “Balloon” mural and 2015 class motto “GET OUT THERE AND JUST DO IT”.

I have quite a few wall lining up for 2016..

Murals are wonderful, rewarding although at times challenging work, and I feel privileged to be able to keep on having the opportunities to paint them.