“House of Steel Cards”. One of the paintings available for purchase at Koskela. Get in touch for more info.

I thought I should expand on the title I chose for my upcoming exhibition at Koskela, Musings and Mysteries. So here goes.

The process of painting lends itself to deep contemplation or musing on the world around me. I am endlessly curious about my place in it and my relationship to it and the unseen mysteries that underpin our physical reality.

These paintings are both asking questions and making statements about aspects of our existence. Place, love, loss, longing, choice, fate, and destiny. All things I have thought a lot about whilst working on this exhibition.

I want my paintings to hold the attention of the viewer that they might linger that bit longer when they are with it, in the same way the paintings have been with me, soaking up my thoughts, my paint, my love. My musings becoming part of the surface, imparted into the painting itself. There is a warmth and optimism alongside the questions I pose, that I want the viewer to feel. I hope my work stays with you long after the show.

Photographing “The Holiday Brain” in our living room. Also available for purchase. Please message me for more information.

How I approach the process of painting is still very much influenced by the ethos and tone of Territory life and the way that I saw the Indigenous artists work. Making art and family life are not usually separated one from the other, but instead paintings are done amongst the chaos of family and everyday life. This often included dogs and lots of relatives. This had a big impact on me, and later when I became a mum it allowed me to continue working in a relaxed manner, even with my children around. 

I love it when the kids hang out with me in the studio. This is my son Jack who is full of laughs at the moment.

I was also in awe of the time that went into the details of the work and it was by watching Indigenous artists that I understood that paintings often took a long time. I always thought that it was this time spent with the work, that infused it with the artists intentions. So, the work has more than just a visuaI aspect to it, but also the creative heart of the artist. When I paint I imagine that the warmth that comes from 1000 paintbrush strokes will travel always with it my work wherever it hangs.

I hope this helps shed some light on my thoughts on the Koskela show.

If you can make it to Sydney I would love to meet you at the opening from 2-4pm on March 11 2017. I really put my heart and soul into my art and openings are golden to me. I will also be speaking about my work and sharing about my book; “There is a Paintbrush in my Coffee” during that time.

You can find Koskela here;

02 9280 0999

1/85 Dunning Ave
Rosebery, NSW 2018

Without patrons and encouragers artists can not work, so thank you to everyone who does their bit to keep me, keeping on.

Have a good day.

Jasmine X

Also feel free to watch and share the clip below made by EMMA FERRIER with your friends on social media. It really is a great snippet of my real life. Thank you X