Last year I designed a  Food Truck  for Royal Stacks , that project was a lot of fun, and I have recently had the privilege of working with them again, to paint a mural for their Collins St store. 

The store is located in the Melbourne City centre (470 Collins st) and so if you are in the area go check it out! AND If you take a pic don’t forget to tag me, so I can see it !! ha ha … at #jasminemansbridgeart

It is great to work with a business who can see the value of creativity for their overall bottom line. They have wonderful staff, do great simple food, which is mostly all made onsite everyday, (my observations), the vegetarian “Queen Bee” burger is very hard to beat, (I ate nine in four and a half days!).

If you are interested in a Mural for your business, please send me an email with your ideas!


Jasmine X

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