I recently had the opportunity to paint for Royal Stacks again, this time at the Westfield in Chatswood Sydney. I flew to Sydney and spent eight days painting to transform the store there.

They said they wanted bright. They got bright! If you are in Sydney, do drop by and make sure you tag me in your pics! (And try a burger! or a spiked shake!).

Below are the before and after pics! It was a wonderful challenge to work at such scale over a variety of spaces and I am grateful for the trust to make it all happen. 

P.s I also added a little video at the end if you are interested in seeing how the whole mural rolled out! 

Thanks guys!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section…

Jasmine X

P.s.s Thank you to the Sydney R.S Staff, the Resene Paint Store in Artamon, my family at home (Shaun you are a superstar) and everyone who supports me to do this work! And to Dani from Royal Stacks for valuing creativity and seeing it’s potential to add to a business!