Hi guys!

Earlier this year I became part of the Fenton and Fenton family of artists, which is amazing, as they go the extra mile in everything they do.

They also recently interviewed me about my work and I wanted to share the interview with you here, (below)!. I am very grateful for my journey so far!


Fenton and Fenton have also hung a series of new paintings of mine, which you can check out online HERE or see in the Store, (they also ship anywhere in the world)!

So, if you are in Melbourne, go down to 471 High st in Prahran and say hi!

If you want to see more regular updates of what I am up to you can follow me on;

@jasmine_mansbridge INSTAGRAM

or Facebook at Jasmine Mansbridge Art 

I would love to hear which is your fav from the new Fenton & Fenton paintings!

On another note, my kids are all growing up so fast, I have been writing this blog since 2011! And how much my life has changed since then. The oldest two are at Uni and so independent, it is hard to get photos of all five children together. Oscar is no longer a baby either and you will see in the photo below he is a big boy now! 

I lie awake at night often, thinking of how much I love them all. I am a lucky mama. It has been a good life so far being an artist and being pretty flexible with time, (just more late nights squeezing everything in than I probably need!).

Anyhow, nothing worth having or doing in life comes easy, and painting and parenting are both proof of that!

Cheers and thanks to all of you who stop by, do say hi…!

Jasmine X