Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know about some new paintings which will be part of a group show at Curatorial & Co in Sydney. (Available for pre purchase now). This is a beautifully curated show with new works by Kate Banzai, Carol Crawford, Susie Dureau, Isabelle De Kleine, Peta Morris and myself.

Here is my write up and my take on “Semblance” and how I translated this idea into my work.

“Semblance; All the paintings in this series deal with what is seen and can be verified to be true. In a world with so many gray areas I wanted to explore the black and white. “COLOUR CAN’T LIE” for example, because colour isn’t trying to be anything, it just is. “MY CARDS ARE ON THE TABLE” which embodies the vulnerability, movement and spontaneity of truth telling. “THE SUN SHINES ON ALL OF US” because there is truth in the sun and in light itself. “LITTLE LIFE LINES” these are the little truths of personality and other traits we embody that we can not lie about. The face, the body, the acts and deeds and the choices that make us undeniably who we are. And then there is “STEP ON UP” which the truth of our surroundings. The architecture of our lives, the stairs, the portals the spaces”.

All the work is available to purchase with ART MONEY

For more info get in touch with sophie@curatorialandco.com or come along to the opening on the 20th of October.

You can find the catalogue HERE

Ps these pics were all taken in my studio, the works are all now beautifully framed.

Thanks everyone & I hope you all have a great week !

Jasmine X