Welcome to 2019!

Thank you to all of you who have followed along on my journey here since I started this website in 2011. It has been quite a ride!

I am really excited about this year, my year of 40, as I have been given some wonderful opportunities and have some great things planned.

The first one I can share with you is this; an installation I spent all last week painting, which will be in the National Gallery in Melbourne in May!

A dream come true for me in some many ways.

I am very grateful to the team at FENTON & FENTON who put me up for the project (and to Luke from the F&F team for building such a beautiful structure). .

It is wonderful to see some of the things in my head out in the world.

More details about when you can see it there etc to follow!

Also I post most days on Instagram at @jasmine_mansbridge so if you would like to see a bit more up to date behind the scenes stuff, come find me there!

Jasmine X