Hi all,

In between trips to the beach and general school holiday activities, I been busy painting most of this summer, (a lot of very late, late nights)!!!.

This body of work is for a group exhibition, alongside some very popular established Australian artists, Jai Vasicek, Anna Placidi, Megan Grant, Casey Burrell, Andrea Shaw, Ali Wood & Kristin Daniel. It is very aptly titled, “Endless Summer”.

I will have nine pieces in this show, curated by Fenton and Fenton and I am looking forward to sharing them with you all. If you would like the exhibition details or a catalogue once they become available, you can email; hello@fentonandfenton.com.au

Also, if you have friends in the Byron Bay Area, please tell them to go check out my work! It is a new audience for me there and often word of mouth is the best way to let people know about an artist etc.

As part of the promotion for the exhibition I had a photographer Dave Kulesza, come and visit my studio here in Hamilton. He took some beautiful pics which I will post here. I feel very blessed to do what I do and live where I do.

Have a great week everyone, I am reminding my kids as they got back to school that they are the “Captains of their ships & the Masters of their souls”.

Jasmine X