I have just completed a new large scale artwork in Melbourne. It is on the side of 191 Johnston St, Collingwood. If you are following google maps be sure to type in Collingwood, not Fitzroy. It was a privilege to paint along this street as so many great artists have work in the area. Check out THIS link if you would like to know more.

The work is a syntheses of all my favourite geometric/architectural devices. My two favs are”Thought Catchers” and “Three Point Portals” . There are also stairs and other 3D shapes and forms. The piece is titled ALL THE THOUGHTS WE CAUGHT.

I absolutely love working on a large scale and so if you have a project you are interested in having me quote for please get in touch with me directly at; hello@jasminemansbridge.com

And also, if you stop by the wall, make sure you get a pic and tag me on your socials so I can see it! I am on instagram as @jasmine_mansbridge and facebook as @Jasmine Mansbridge Art.

Jasmine X