Hi guys…

Do you follow me on social media? If you do, you might have seen some of the behind the scenes of an installation I exhibited at the Melbourne Affordable Art Fair in the Royal Exhibition Centre in Melbourne last weekend. (5-9 sep).
It was titled the “Thought Catchers”.
Essentially these are 2m x 2m cubes with my signature shapes (Trapeziums) cut out. This is an international art Fair and I am hoping these will also be exhibited next at the Hong Kong Fair in 2020.
The installation however, was made in my home town of Hamilton in Western Victoria. The basic cube construction was made with wonderful attention to detail by the WDEA works team in Hamilton, headed by Josh Membrey. They were then moved with the help of my in-laws with a tractor, to a shed owned by Bruach Colliton (Roxburgh House). Here they were undercoated with great attention to detail by Vic Whyte ( and members of the Whyte family). They were then cut into sections for easier movement (they were so very heavy), by local carpenter John Iredell. Who did a superb job giving them hidden internal joins so they could be moved more easily.
They were then collected by Thompson’s freight in Warrnambool, with help loading them from the Kerr and Co boys on their lunch break, headed by Shaun Mansbridge.

I wanted to write and list all these people, to express publicly my gratitude for the support I get from the Hamilton community to bring these big projects to life. As without the network of people I have here to help me, much of what I do would be impossible.

Big thanks also to my mother in law Sondra Mansbridge who helps SO much with my children while I am away with projects etc.. as well as other family members and my husband Shaun.

Also to all the Hamilton people and other wonderful friends near and far, who came to say hi at the Fair.

I am interested in doing more installation pieces, so if you would like to commission something one, they can be adapted to be out doors or to fit a variety of spaces.

Send me an email at hello@jasminemansbridge.com or give me a call on 0429191907.

Also Fenton & Fenton had a killer booth at the Fair.. they don’t do anything in halves and they sold so well. There are still a few works left. You can see more HERE.

Happy days…!!!

Jasmine X