Hi friends,

What odd times we are in right now don’t you think. It’s like all we thought we knew for sure is shifting and changing. But, that is the nature of life itself. Everything is always in flux and it’s just now it feels worse somehow, it’s affecting our entire global community. Which is why I think this feels a little more unsettling.

But, if we look to history we see that these concerns come and go and life just goes on in whatever new normal way it will. We will learn from it and improve and do better in the future. So hold tight and stay calm, this too shall pass.

The irony is that this topic is kind of what this body of work was all about, about change and metamorphosis and growth. As an artist one is always in a kind of precarious place, it is not your regular kind of employment and so I was sorry to have the opening of my exhibition cancelled, albeit for good reasons (if you are reading from the future google Covid-19, ironically this time I am not sure how lucky my lucky no 19 is).

The exhibition is still going to hang across the three Studio Gallery locations. So if you are well and up for some Gallery hopping you can visit the Sydney Gallery or the Melbourne Galleries in Armadale and Cheltenham. If you want more info you can always email; ask@studiogallerygroup.com for more information about the paintings and the openings.

I get asked a lot for prints and so you might be happy to here I have decided to do a Limited Edition of 25 only Shape Shifting prints, you can check this out here.

And for the Shape Shifting catalogue please visit this link here.

Anyhow, the real reason I wrote this blog was to share a little behind the scenes video made by some talented friends. I love being an artist, and being able to paint and share all my work with you. I hope you enjoy watching some of the process of how it all happens. Only sorry I won’t get to see how it “all comes together” in one space.

Take care everyone.

Jasmine X