Hi friends,

How are you all doing in coronavirus isolation? I am back to basics, largely parenting by day and then painting again at night, (I stepped out and took this pic of my studio). It’s a challenge, a change and an adjustment isn’t it? I am finding peace by being in the present as much as I can and by living day by day. As the future is all a little uncertain just now.

Truth is I have been busy with my art the last few years, and so in a way it is nice to just be home with my children and to be going at a slower pace than what I have been. I wonder how many other people are feeling that too, that health and financial concerns aside there are silver linings if you look for them. Also I feel so fortunate to be living in country Australia just now, where we have plenty of space to isolate.

So, back to the scarves, It’s an odd time to be selling things, but it costs money for me to do what I do, and it’s not business as usual. The scarves are a way for me to make something more affordable than my usual work available.

Pre Covid-19, I had intended to wait until Mother’s Day to release them, but I figure that now is a good a time as any. It will be through adapting and changing, and ducking and weaving that we make it through this topsy turvy time.

To say thank you to you all here, I have also added a bonus for you, which is 20 percent off the full price if you enter the code 20thanks in at check out.

As always, please feel free to share this post or any others, with friends etc.
Stay well and please feel free to contact me with any questions..

Jasmine X


I also have an exhibition currently on at the STUDIO GALLERY to view the  catalogue please visit HERE