Hello beautiful people,

One of the odd and unexpected things about Covid-19 isolation has been the sudden demand I have had in interview requests. So, perhaps this is because we have more time to reflect?

I recorded the one above (for a London University paper). In it I was asked to speak about parenting and how it has impacted my artistic life. This got me thinking that now is a very good time for me to dig out the copies I have left of my book; THERE IS A PAINTBRUSH IN MY COFFEE and make them available here.

I wrote this book in 2016 after being asked so often, how I managed to juggle the needs of my family and my arts practice. At that stage I had 5 children all living at home.

Fast forward to 2020. Now I have just my three younger children with me and life has had quite a few changes. I am also finding myself with the coronavirus crisis on our hands and us all being together in isolation. I have largely lost daylight hours for painting and I feel like I am going back in time, back to my beginnings as an artist.

I have been referencing the book myself at times, for reminders of how to navigate the tricky territory that can be parenting and working from home. So, I have put up into my shop the copies of the book I had left. I do hope it helps in these uncertain times.

Stay well..and take care..

Also stay posted for the small work being posted here for sale tomorrow!

Jasmine X