Look, if 2020 is an off to an ordinary/slow/difficult start, well 2019 was such a good/big one for me, that there was a lot that went undocumented.

So, while there are many things that are uncertain and concerning just now, I am enjoying having time to reflect back and also to look at how to do things better in the future, and how to continue to work, doing what I love.

So, please forgive me if I am writing too much here at the moment. But part of what I write here for is to keep a record of the work I have done/am doing creatively.  This particular project was personally significant for me and so I am sharing here now. If you have friends in London send them (when they can leave home), down to Hackney Wick to check it out!

Here goes;
Painting is titled; Hong Kong to Hackney Wick
Location; Outdoors on exterior wall, facing Hackney Wick canal
Date; July 2019
This piece uses imagery to tell a story, whether it be my story, or it resonants with you, because of a story you have given to it. 
Either way it should invoke connection and that is what I hope my art does when people look at it.
I don’t like the limits of a definition, i.e street art. I see this way of painting (outdoors), as a way to visually document stories/connections and to the broadest audience. This particular work tells of a connection that was made in one part of the world and then carried over to another. 
This painting is telling this story to serve as an example of how artists at their best can be collaborative and supportive of each other and their respective careers. It is a story of the friendship of two people very diverse in their everyday, yet united by the making of art and the fight at times it is to make it. Which is a story that needs to be told.
The bridge is representative of the bridge in Hackney Wick which sits next to this painting. Then the City buildings represent Hong Kong where a Hackney Wick artist; Aida Wilde and I met when we worked together in the HKwalls street art festival there. Her from London and I from country Australia. I was then invited to come and paint in London because of our friendship and subsequent connections. The more complex shape with the triangles is representative of myself in my home in Australia (these being key motifs in my work), and the other cube is representative of Aida and her studio and her home in Hackney Wick. This work is a map of sorts.
The work at first glance will lead to individual interpretations for all who see it. The viewer decides what they see and overlays their own stories on top of mine, as they will often not hear my version. 
If art is for connection and storytelling, then these are always the basis of my work and what make me keep painting again and again.
Jasmine.. X
Ps If you have a wall you would like painted and a story you would like told. Please get in touch.