“The idea behind this Thought Catcher is to engage the viewer in way that connects them with their reflection and their physical place in this world, whilst at the same time disrupting their train of thought.  The mirrored exterior surface entices one to come closer and further engage with the work. The sculpture is designed to be stepped into and interacted with. The experience ultimately being as unique as every individual that connects with it.”

Hi everyone,

If you have been along following along for here for awhile, you may have heard me talk about or have seen my Thought Catchers before. They were first exhibited in 2015 at the Hamilton Art Gallery.  It goes to show that the best ideas often take time.

This latest version is made of aluminium and stainless steel. It is mirrored and able to move location. It interacts with the space that surrounds it. Earlier this year I was the recipient of a Sustaining Creative Workers Grant from Regional Arts Victoria. This grant helped go towards the cost of both manufacture and materials. So, this sculpture has been a bit of a coronavirus silver lining. The Sculpture was made locally with the help of Walkers Metaland and Hamilton Sheetmetal.

If you are able to visit the SWELL SCULPTURE FESTIVAL on the Gold Coast from the 11-20 September, you will be able to see it on the foreshore there. I also did an interview and spoke about the piece in the AGE, keep a look out for that in the Arts section coming soon.

A big thanks to Georgie Mann who took these pics and my friend Caroline who joined us bright and early to help with the installation.

Have a wonderful week, and do look out for silver linings..

Jasmine X

P.s Scroll to the bottom to watch the #bts clip…