Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know I have been working on some new small paintings and that they are available to purchase here. They look so much better in real life, especially once they are in a frame.

These works sell quickly via instagram posts and this is the first time I have put them up on my website, so it will be interesting to see which way people prefer to purchase them. I am planning to make some new large works with the Thought Catchers featuring in them, and these small paintings let me test these ideas, so I would be keen to hear which ones you like most.

Thanks for having me in your inbox, I do hope that the week ahead brings you silver linings and small joys.

Jasmine X

P.S.. I was chuffed to speak with Marie Stoljar from Talking With Painters last week, you can see the interview on my instagram!

Your Eyes and My Eyes (We see what we see)

Your Light is In You

Holding Space