A big hello to you. It’s been a long haul this year of 2020 and I hope that wherever you are doing ok. I feel like a completely different person than the one I was this time last year. Perhaps you feel the same. The whole coronavirus and consequent lockdown (for fellow Victorians), the home schooling and the need to pivot and change at every single turn. It has been a year of having to figure out what is really important.

Beside all this, the creative world has still turned. It has not stopped, like a river that’s been dammed it has formed new streams and the water has continued to trickle down. I have been fortunate to have had quite a few commissions come in, these have replaced some of the income I would normally have gotten from the mural work and exhibitions. I am truly grateful for the people choosing my work for their homes. Art is unlike any other purchase as it lasts forever (almost), and will outlive your couch and your paint choices and many other aspects of your home.

I have an interview about my mural work in the current Art Edit Magazine , you can pick up the Magazine at your local News agency or read about it here. I also have a Thought Catcher showing as part of the 18th annual Sculpture in the Vineyards. This week coming will be the last opportunity to see my piece at the Undercliff Winery. So, if you live near the Hunter Valley its a good opportunity to get out and see work from a range of artists including myself.

I have been painting more than ever this covid lockdown. With works having gone to shows with Artistellar in London, to Vanrensburg Galleries and to Boom Gallery where I have my studio in Geelong. I have also put a few pieces in my stockroom. If you are after a painting please get in touch and I can help you find what you are after.

I also now have Amy Chaplin working with me. Amy graduated from her Architecture degree last year and among other things has started writing over here. Keep an eye out for her next interview with Buffdiss.

So these are the newsy things covered!

I am writing this from my Geelong studio just down from the Boom Gallery, which I am back in now that covid restrictions are easing. It like doing mini residencies when I am here, and while it is hard to be away from my children in one way, in another it allows me a seperate head space and I find I get about three times the work done. I also get to see a lot of my older daughters who live close by. It is what works for me at this time.

If you would like to book in a studio visit let me know as I will be doing these from time to time.

Please get in touch to say hi if you are enjoying the work or if you have any questions. I am prolific over on instagram, so do come follow me there if you would like to see the visuals of some of the things I have been talking about here. I am at @jasmine_mansbridge !

Thank you for being here and supporting my work.

Jasmine X

The painting MAKE MAGIC above is also available for purchase, the paint is literally still drying on this one! Send me an email here if you are interested.

Work from the Stockroom; My Memory Twists and Turns

Work from stockroom; The Divide of Thoughts and Time