Hi Everyone,

My artwork has been been included in a survey presented by The Other Art Fair London this October. You may remember me talking about this early last year, so I am very excited for the exhibition to finally be opening after being postponed due to the pandemic. The show has been curated by Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski and my good friend Aida Wilde (click here to read about how we met at the Hong Kong Walls Festival) and includes works from 40 artists.

My painting below is titled LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE and is my key work for the exhibition. It is 80 x 80cm, acrylic on Belgian Linen. (Shown Unframed).

As a woman there are so many times I have made the call to do what it takes to keep the peace, to let things go, to accept things I have been less than happy with, to have made sacrifices for all around me, to essentially have put myself last, this painting is about that, about letting that all sink below the surface, to let sleeping dogs lie. And now as I get older I am starting to question all of this, to question how deeply ingrained this way of being was for me as a girl, to just absorb the needs of others. I am reassessing all this of late, I am changing, becoming more self aware and also asking myself better questions, getting to know me better and in the broader context, the bigger picture, realising how so much has to be challenged if we are to achieve genuine equality in our lifetime.

20/20: A Brief Survey will take place from Friday October 15th to Sunday 17th at Truman Brewery. If you’re interested in some complimentary tickets or a catalogue please contact me here or via social media.

As always, feel free to get in touch.

Jasmine X