I am really looking forward to sharing this body of work at the the JULIAN EDWARDS FINE ART GALLERY (JEFA GALLERY) in Byron Bay. The exhibition opens on the 25th of November and runs until the 6th of December.

Also showing in the NEVER NEVER LAND exhibition is Neil Tomkins and Tim Fry, the interplay between our diverse styles has been really great to see unfold. There is also a floor talk planned for the 26th, keep an eye on my instagram for the details.

Here are some of my thoughts, writings and a poem which underpin the visuals that have culminated in the paintings for NEVER NEVER LAND. This year has been a big one of losses, highs, lows and big personal changes. So these paintings hold many thoughts, feelings and emotions which reflect this.

The exhibition title Never Never Land conjures up feelings of escapism, the chasing of shadows, dreams half remembered and nostalgic Utopian worlds. It hints at the Idealistic notions reminiscent of childhood, the places you go to and it pains you to return from. Memories there are wrapped up in scent and touch. The things we don’t have enough time for in the racing, demanding pace of adult life.

Never Never Land is part Peter Pan, part remote Australia, part Wishing Tree, part family home, part Salvador Dali. 

Heavy themes of death, metaphorical and physical can be dealt with here, of changing environments and disappearing places and an altering planet. Love can be lost and found here. 

In Never Never Land one can safely ask all the hard questions. One can examine their past, present and future histories. Collective tales of humanity can be told and wondered at. Tears can fall and there be no shame at all. 

There is time in the imagination to create new places to visit. New ways of being and living. There are portals and landscapes and paths to walk down. There are familiar melodies and the heart is but a warm drum to keep time too. 

All you need is already inside you. In this place deep within. In Never Never Land


And a poem;


Notes from Neverland 

Lines dragged down

From dreams

Never kicking

Or screaming

Tugged down 

By the tail

Brought to light

Brought to life

From the underbelly 

Of the whale

From the wings 

Of a bird

Here come the 


 Here come the 


Little pictures form

Little structures beam

Little lands appear 

To give worlds 

To the words 

From Neverland

To give homes

To new stories

And to this 

Ethereal Landscape 

Of Ideas

That is  




Jasmine Mansbridge 2022.

So much love and time goes into all I do, making and sharing stories really being central to my practice. My aim is that my art makes one feel more connected and less alone in the world, that the pieces are a reminder of our shared humanity.

The photos above and in the header were taken by a good friend Kate Berry in my Geelong studio. You can see more of Kate’s work here.

Thanks for being here – if you would like to keep up with the day to day of my creative life you can follow me on instagram .

Jasmine X

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