I was invited to work with JUST ANOTHER AGENCY on a design for the Danish design brand HAY. The completed work and the store can be visited at 176 Johnston St, Fitzroy. They have a photo blog you can check out here. It has since featured on a number of articles in the press including; THE DESIGN FILES,  BROADSHEET MELBOURNE. and AUSTRALIAN DESIGN REVIEW.

If you would like to work with me on a large scale for 2023 please get in touch with Toby from JUST ANOTHER AGENCY in Melbourne or Emilya at ART PHARMACY in Sydney. For other locations feel free to contact me directly.

You can see a #wip video on my instagram – @jasmine_mansbridge


All my work begins with old school drawings first, its a very hands on approach and I am grateful for that trust that is given to me to see the work through from these to a large scale work!

I have used my three point portals and the pipe portals to create a 3D feeling to the artwork. The two paintings at the end of the page were the inspiration for the finished piece!

One of the best things about this project was having my daughter Eden Ariston assist me, why I am beaming in the featured pic). She is a painter in her own right and has an exhibition and website launching on the 7th of December. Go check her out!

I am writing from Byron Bay – here for my JEFA Gallery exhibition opening! Fun, Fun!

Jasmine X