Why the title ROAMING GEOMETRY for this body of work?

Below is the note I wrote for the Side Gallery curator Laura. To be honest it’s hard to sum up just how much I have benefited from and enjoyed the process of making this work. 


“My father passed away in March and this was followed by the overwhelming desire to return to painting purely my three point portal and abstracted geometric works. A style I have drifted away from in recent times.

I also felt the need to be outside the confines of my studio and it’s solitude and so all these pieces have been made in various locations and with company. The process of creating has been both cathartic and healing and the works seem to embody a sense of calm connection as a result. 

The paintings themselves contain a combination of inspiration from both the interior, emotional and the physical, outside and natural worlds. I have painted near mountains, forests, my kitchen and in the city. All the while weaving a subtle narrative into the works as I have contemplated all that is to be human, and the bittersweet nature of love and loss.

May these roaming geometries lead you to a place of warm reflection and inner quiet as you cast your mind over the poignancy of your own life experience.”

Jasmine 💜

The works are available for purchase via the online catalogue HERE

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