In September I travelled to Katherine in the Northern Territory, a remote part of Australia where I lived from age 14 – 26, to work with a group of artists involved with the Katherine Regional Arts Centre. We created a large scale work centered around the theme of life being like a play/a drama/a television show, inspired by the painting below, with different acts scenes and characters. Like a play our personal stories unfold individually and yet they impact each other collectively. There are so many discussions that can come from this theme and line of thinking.

It was a wonderful project and a privilege for me personally to return to a community I grew up in and to be able to contribute with my creative skill sets. One of the young artists I worked with was the great grand daughter of an artist I knew well who has now passed away, so this felt serendipitous and special.

If you happen to be travelling through Katherine it is on the back wall of the BP service station on the Main Street just down from Celeste Mountjoy. There has been an explosion of street art there and it has completely changed and lifted the vibe of the town.

Big thanks to Jacinta Mooney who works tirelessly for the Arts in the region and for all her efforts in making this happen, and for the enthusiasm of the artists involved. I do love this kind of work as it brings so much value to all involved.

Till next time !!

Jasmine X

P.S If you would like to see an instagram video of this work in progress feel free to check out this reel 

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