If you have followed my creative journey for a while, you will know I love visiting Hong Kong and have been doing so since 2017. I have been reflecting on how this came about and can trace my earliest fascination with the City back to a painting my Grandmother (who was an artist) did and gifted to my Mother. Growing up in country Australia without a television for my early years, meant that external visuals were potent to me. This gave that painting and the association with Hong Kong an unusual significance in the imagination of my childhood and probably ignited some quiet desire to see the world outside my present reality.. A side lesson from this is that the art you surround yourself with is important, it becomes part of your internal landscape and your visual memory to a large degree. I often think of the children growing up surrounded by my paintings and I am glad that they will be forever etched in their bank of core images. for me that feels like a great privilege.

So, It has been fabulous to be back this year as a guest of Art Partners immersing myself in all Hong Kong art week has to offer. This trip is on the back of months of focused painting for my upcoming May solo exhibition at the Michael Reid Northern Beaches exhibition. So I was very ready to put my brushes down and soak up the sights and inspirations that are everywhere for me in Hong Kong. The travel feels so important to my practice, it helps me see the world in a fresh context and is in such contrast to my day to day life at home creating work and being a Mother. Anyhow, do keep an eye out for my next post re the exhibition, and a catalogue, or register your interest here.

Anyhow I think a trip like this is best shared in photos. The variation of surfaces, colours, shapes, elements and general architectural juxtaposition of surfaces has my eyes and all of my senses sucking in everything around me. The closeness of nature pressing into the City, the huge sea, blue lagoons and the warmth of the people towards me, the pace at which you can move, all of it, all that embodies the very diverse culture of the City always feels welcoming to me and seeps back into my studio and then out into my work.

I am a big fan! The Tourism board really should employ me .. ha ha

Enough said…

Please enjoy my view of Hong Kong and associated Art Fair fun ! I had the pleasure of traveling with my talented daughter Eden Ariston, you can check out her practice here.

Jasmine X

P.s If you are feeling a little stale creatively I  highly recommend getting out of your comfort zone, even in small increments. The change will shake things up in ways you won’t be able to anticipate. Honestly the world needs creatives more than ever to bring joy and solve the big problems we all face. Scroll to the end for a reel which brings the City to life..

Thanks for being here..