So, this is my friday night, cleaning out my studio and listening to Brene Brown and her Ted Talk, (for probably the fifth time). If you haven’t listened to it, you should. It is one of the best I have ever heard. When you do, you will understand why me saying to you, “I need to sell a few paintings to justify my worth as an artist”, is a bloody hard thing to do!! But, there, I said it, and it’s true…

So, if your interested, here are four beautiful paintings I have for sale, (acrylic on belgian linen), prices negotiable, just get in touch and tell me why you love which one you love and I will tell you it’s story and we can go from there!

Happy friday friends…

Jasmine x

And here they are;

"Character Revealed"

“Character Revealed”

"Easy Come, Easy Go"

“Easy Come, Easy Go”

"Only memories for company"

“Only memories for company”

"Halting Inertia"