I was chatting with a friend the other day and we got around to the topic of personal strengths. I said I thought mine was my ability to be consistent. I have thought more about it over the last few days, as it hasn’t always been the case and there was a time when it was a weakness not a strength.
I remember hearing someone speak about how this one trait could really impact your life, at the time I was a very young mum, struggling to work out how I would navigate the best possible future for my children and me. And so, consistency became something I prayed for and became very aware of. I wrote the word around the house, on my fridge etc… This was when I started to paint regularly, and even if it was just an hour a day, I aimed to paint everyday. It became a habit and I am still doing it. Being consistent helped me be a more conscious parent as I was more aware of my words and my actions and being a model of consistency for them.
So there it is!
Anything you lack in your life, you can work on, and it’s the small daily changes that can truly impact the quality of your life. Consistency can be applied to all and every area, it could be exercise, journal writing or something else you want to work on!
Anyhow, I now need to practise consistency and get out of bed to go eat breakfast! Wherever you are I hope you have a rewarding day ahead!
Jasmine x