I have been fascinated by the (post global financial crisis) Detroit for a while now. I first saw a documentary about it last year and since then it seems to be popping up everywhere on my radar. Then a friend tells me she is off to buy a house and live there for a few years and that I should come visit…

So, my brain has been in overload, I’d love to go there and be useful some how. I had been thinking how awesome it would be to go and paint some beautiful murals. I did a google search, and it seems murals are not a new thing for Detroit, not at all, Diego Rivera was commissioned to do one back in 1932. I even found a youtube clip of him painting it. You can watch it here.

Diego In Detroit

The adventurer in me says to just go, to take my soon to be 18 year old, (who will be on a gap year) as a nanny for my little ones, to let my husband and the other teenager come visit, and to just spend three months painting there. I could do a crowd funding thing and offer my painting services to shelters, schools, children’s wards, whatever. Detroit is a super cheap place to stay and there is so much need…. (and you only live once).

Any ideas, any contacts in the Arts in Detroit? Anyone done a successful crowd funding campaign??

I would love to have some help with this one!

P.s. If you google Detroit you will find the most amazing stuff, some of it awfully heartbreaking, but, so so much of it inspirational! Another clip I enjoyed was this.

Jasmine x