I never know what will inspire me, or when something in particular will grab my attention. On my recent trip to Brisbane I went into a store that I am familiar with because of instagram, Black and Spiro. It is a beautiful interiors shop, and I have since become a bit obsessed with something I found while I was there.

at the Black & Spiro shop...

at the Black & Spiro shop…

A piece of fabric was sitting on the counter. Upon enquiry I found out that it was the last bit they had in stock and it wasn’t for sale, and the usual retail price was $600 a metre. It was a beautiful fabric, (trust me to pick expensive, unavailable things). The assistant was kind enough to let me photograph it. I have been doing little drawings since, with the fabric as a reference. I can visualise these pots turning up in my paintings now.

the aforementioned beautiful fabric...

the aforementioned beautiful fabric…

a "fabric" inspired sketch..

a “fabric” inspired sketch..

and another sketch with pots in situ..

and another sketch with pots in situ..

What do you think? Where have you been inspired recently, and by what?

I’d love to hear your thoughts..

Jasmine x