I was lying awake last night, thinking about what I would say in my next blog, when it dawned on me that in yesterdays blog, I didn’t mention the most obvious reason I have decided to blog. It of course is all about the painting! I often have people ask me about my work, the inspiration etc.. etc.. and so I figured that a blog would be a great way to try and share that process.

From an early age the life of an artist is something I imagined myself having and I find that the best subject matter quite simply are the things that intrigue me and the ideas that won’t go away. I don’t see myself as especially talented but just committed and persistent. I think that anything you commit to you should eventually be good at. I also really enjoy painting. I enjoy seeing an idea become a reality. Yesterday I was concerned about what I would blog about. But, writing this I am reminded that if I keep it mostly about the painting it should be easy as I can talk about that all day long.