So here we go, this will be my first entry, and like most things in my life I will just tackle it head on, without too much of a plan. You can be the judge of how well this works for me.

The idea to blog has been in my mind for a long time now, so I am pretty pleased to finally have gotten started. The best ideas for my imaginary blog have usually come to me in the middle of the night. I would love to be able to just roll over and jot points down so I don’t forget them, but I generally can’t move for fear of waking one, or both of the two children who have gone to sleep beside me. So, I have gone with the general theory that any truly inspirational, great idea, should surface again in the morning, this usually works for me when it comes to ideas for paintings, so, I hope that now that I actually have a blog the ideas will only amp up not dry out! So, why blog? I’m only now analyzing the desire, seeing that I asked myself the question!, I guess it comes back to my love of conversation, and blogging, I guess, is a bit like talking out loud to yourself.  And another thing, I am wondering when I will squeeze the blogging in, it can’t be to high up there in the already crammed priority list and it will have to come behind painting. Funnily enough, it can probably go above housework without to much change to the current order of things.

So, I will give blogging a shot and hope that I can find something meaningful/ interesting to share and, in an online form of laughing at your own jokes, (which I excel at in the real world), at least find my own content amusing. I am sure you will be the judge of this!