Well the holiday season is now in full swing… christmas day has been and gone and for me a birthday (boxing day). It is a time of the year when happiness and sadness is magnified, people we love are appreciated, or missed, or remind us why they drive us crazy and it seems that life in all it’s wonder is enlarged.

As a mum it is a busy time, trying to create meaningful moments and memories, and a part of me looks forward to it all being done so I can get back to “normality”. It is also a good time to slow down, take stock of the year gone by and plan for the one ahead. 2011 was an awesome year for me and included a new baby, a solo exhibition and lots of general creative productivity.

One of the highlights for me was the inclusion of my story in issue 45 of frankie magazine. To celebrate I have five copies to giveaway. All you have to do is subscribe to my blog before the 1st January 2012. So “happy holidays” to you all. May you be blessed in the coming year and I hope you enjoy some of my fav pics from this festive season.