I am feeling a little weary this monday morning, after having an epic weekend in the lovely sunny Sydney. I was incredibly fortunate to have been able to go along to Megan Morton’s school, (think Home Love & the soon to be released, Things I love). Here I attended a full day screen printing workshop with Rachel Castle of Castle and Things (are you starting to see why I am a little excited about my weekend?).

I can not say enough kind things about Megan, Rachel (& her patient assistant Emma), my fellow classmates, the food and the whole school experience. Words like generous, relaxed, warm and friendly all spring to mind. There was a non competitive and fun atmosphere… just perfect. We were even given our own screen printing gear to take home (and a gift), see, generous! I loved the experience and it will be on my wish list to get there again one day to do another class…flower bombing maybe?

Another cool thing I did in Sydney was meet up with a new friend, one of those new, but feels strangely like an old friend kind of people, (don’t you love it when that happens?), the lovely Anna from Skipping Girl . We talked about designs and fun future projects and renovations and Brett Whitely, (along with a whole lot of other stuff). I love the Skipping Girl concept and I can’t wait till my red polka dot bag arrives. Thanks Anna!

Then there is always time to catch up with old friends and so I had a lovely meal in Bondi with Anne and Adrian from Cooee Art Gallery. I met these guys when I was only young and living in Katherine in the Northern Territory.  When I had my exhibition at the Art Moment Gallery in Bondi some years back Adrian opened for me and he has always been very encouraging of my arts practise.

While I was in Sydney I stayed at the Diamant Hotel. It was a great central location, my view was amazing and they made me feel like a special guest…nice!

Anyway, its back to reality for me now, my awesome other half, did a great job being me on the home front, but, most of my normal weekend chores have now been carried forward, looks like it’s a day of playing catch up. Well worth it I say!

x Jasmine.