I am actually having a period in life when I am not painting. The reasons are justified and simple. I can’t let myself start another one as I must FOCUS on getting ready for my upcoming solo exhibition. This means I must focus on the practical side of showing my art, i.e, the building of this website (by the efficient Paul Mah, www.paulmah.com), talking shop with printers and long chats with the Gallery. In addition I must squeeze in the needs of my four children, the youngest now a grand total of ten weeks old and my ever patient helpful husband.

I need to paint, and this is beginning to show, painting makes me slow right down and focus on the physicality of the work in front of me. I read somewhere once that in order to do fine detailed work, the heart must slow down, having a calming effect of the entire body. This “trancelike” state can be observed in indigenous artists doing their dot and line paintings. I wholeheartedly support this idea as painting really is the only thing that makes me slow right down. When I am not painting I have trouble focussing on just one task and being in front of a computer makes my brain hyper, flicking from one idea to the next.

Painting for me is addictive as it is pleasurable, it is absorbing and comforting. It can be a personally cathartic process or it can be my way of sorting outside ideas. So here I am, writing this blog, in front of a computer, thinking, hurry up as you really need to be working on that catalogue, then you need to finish those baby thank you’s then you really should do this that blah blah blah blah…

Bring on 21st of October please!