Well my last post was all about my entry to win a big hearted business scholarship. I had to upload a video to utube (which you can watch here) and get as many votes as I could.. It was a hard campaign, with a worthy contender found in the talented Bree Bullock who gave me a run for my money! In the end though, I won by about 70 something votes and could not been more ecstatic.
Most of my work focus is purely about painting the best paintings I can and I can’t wait to have some professional input into the business side of what I do! Most of you will have heard of the musician Clare Bowditch, well big hearted business was an initiative started by her and some clever (and caring) friends, who saw a need for something targeted especially at creative types. Me personally, I was touched by all the support I was given over the “campaign” and the many kind and encouraging things that were said about me and my work. I love what I do and like anyone, I need to make a living, so hopefully BHB will help me get better at this!
To celebrate I invited some friends over for a long lunch under the oak tree in my back yard. It was really nice to share and connect over some good food and wine!
If you have been inspired by my BHB journey, do get on the website and subscribe,, I will be blogging about what I learn along the way and I have also been asked to guest blog for the interiors addict blog about the actual conference itself (May 3 & 4).
If you want tickets to the conference there will be a sale this Monday (see the BHB site for details), but, be quick as the previous ticket release sold in 7 minutes. My friend, photographer Danielle Thomas was one of those quick ones (she set an alarm on her phone) and now she’s coming along for the ride as well!
Anyway.. I wrote this last night, as the power was off here, I was going to paint, but, couldn’t do that by candlelight, I could blog though, and so blogging I did!
Thanks so much to all of you who voted and helped me get through! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!
Jasmine x



And if you missed my BHB entry, here it is;