Memory is powerful, we can’t control it and we can’t control what little thing might bring another time and place flooding back. Like it was yesterday. Some situations that unfold in our lives are never to be forgotten. Places in time. People. Love. Pain. Heartbreak. These are the things that stay under the surface, under beautiful smiles and kind words. Under the skin. Wounds that become scars. Of all the things that make us human, memory is one the most powerful. The ability to forgive, to move on, yet to never forget.

My heart has been full this week. Thinking of all the pain in the world. Thinking of those people who are in dark, sad, lonely places, who have lost loved ones and are left with only the memories of good times to get them through. In my thoughts and prayers I hope that for them, the beautiful memories will always remain, like they were yesterday.

When I did this painting I was thinking a lot about memories and the past. I hope you enjoy the clip I made to explain more about that process and I hope you “get” what I was trying to “say”.


May your memories be sweet ….

Jasmine x