Well I don’t know where I first picked up this quote, but, I have always thought it to be beautiful and an extremely noble ideal. Love being powerful and sacred at its best, painful and destructive at its worst. Live being the source of life, the catalyst of sacrifice.
I used this title for a solo exhibition I did in 2006 at Bondi Beach and again on my wedding invite. It also was hand engraved on my wedding band.
So, recently, I decided to make up the screen print and use it on a card for my husband for our wedding anniversary. I then thought it was too good to not share, so I did some pillowcases (sets for me and the shop) and now these screen prints!
So, if you love love, or love someone, or love has any part in your life, consider a little “long live love” for your home! Visit www.jasminemansbridge.bigcartel.com
Happy loving
Jasmine x