This is the tidy version of my studio.. doesn't always look like this!

This is the tidy version of my studio.. doesn’t always look like this!

Since leaving home (a long time ago now), I have pretty much always had a space of my own to paint. A lot of the time this has simply meant working from my different bedrooms. Resulting in the said bedrooms being a bit crammed! What it has meant though, is that I have been able to create a lot more work than I ever could of without a dedicated space.

If you have your work set up, you can always see where you left off, and the transition back into the working head space is so much easier. With painting its like the last thought I had comes straight back to me as soon as I stand in front of a canvas, this is the beauty of never having to pack up.

If you know of the author Virginia Woolf you will probably recognise this book, “A Room of One’s Own” and you may also be familiar with her theories on the value of own’s own space to work (one of my favourite reads by the way).

A room of one's own

A room of one’s own

Two years ago my family and I moved into our “forever” home and I now have the luxury of a “proper” studio. It is in the old formal dining room of our house. It is perfect because it is so central, yet it can still be shut up completely. I also have a “paint station” in our lounge room. Here I have a lamp and an easel, so I can bring paintings I am working on out into the communal living area, I will often do this in the evenings when the little kids are in bed and the older family members are watching t.v etc.. That way I can get work done without totally withdrawing myself from everybody (on weekends I “listen” to a lot of sport).

So, I encourage you, if you feel like you don’t ever get any of your own stuff done, then look at somewhere you can set up a space to start to make that happen. Think about the room you do have and if there is a spot you can make your very own. In the very least have a chest of drawers or cupboard just for your stuff. That way you will have everything at an arms reach when you have that spare hour or two to work. The next step is to work regularly, even in small doses, that way your ideas will stay with you (consistency).

Anyhow, I hope this helps you all become more creatively productive, and feel free to share your own tips for getting more stuff done in the comment section below!!

I have also included a youtube clip which my daughter (lovingly) made for me, it captures a typical weekend hanging out at our house.. (controlled chaos), and it also includes my packing up and hanging for my recent exhibition in May.. (I still have a few of the paintings you will see, so if there is something you see you like, get in touch)!

Happy sunday guys.. Have a great week!

Jasmine x

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