Since deciding to take my love for painting seriously I have had six solo exhibitions and I am busy preparing for my seventh at the moment… My style has evolved slowly over the years and I am really happy with how things are coming together for me visually. Getting a big body of work finished is a familiar process to me, and it becomes like any other job, requiring dedication, consistency and commitment.. I am passionate about it which helps of course, but, there are many hours when I battle with self doubt and isolation. The date for my exhibition, which will be held at the Rtist Gallery in St Edmonds st, Prahan, is planned for May 2014, which I am really excited about .. Please get in touch with them if you’d like to be on the invite list! I draw a lot of inspiration from my friends on social media as it feels like real company when I am working alone so often (not counting the kids, who are companions of course!).. Here are some images I have posted over the last few months..
Jasmine x