It only dawned on me the other day when I was re doing my CV, that the exhibition I am about to have at the Hamilton Art Gallery is my seventh. That is seven solo shows in a little over ten years. I have a thing about the number seven, it being one of God’s favourite numbers and a number that is often popping up in my life. One of my “lucky” numbers you could say. It got me excited and has made the whole thing seem that bit more magical for me.

work in progress, photo by Danielle Thomas of One Day Collective

work in progress, photo by Danielle Thomas of One Day Collective


I finished all my paintings this week, wrapping up five months of late nights and sacrificed weekends. While the paintings are being framed my attention has shifted to the 3D element of the exhibition. This is an installation which I am having fun seeing come to “life”. The whole idea behind the installation is for it to be an extension of the paintings themselves and for it to add to the overall exhibition experience.

Hamilton Art Gallery 2015 program

Hamilton Art Gallery 2015 program


So, there you go. It feels like it was pretty easy for me now that the work is mostly done. Truthfully though, there have been many mornings I have been so tired my teeth hurt and my eyes haven’t wanted to open. Nights when I have gone bed late and got up with my darling baby at 4am. I have had to forgo most social events and the like, because every spare moment has been about painting.

Detail of "Naval Gazing" 2015

Detail of “Naval Gazing” 2015

And part of the reason this is all possible, is because of people like my patient husband and his ready to help mother, who have been there to support my big ideas (mostly anyhow). I am very grateful to be able to be an artist and I can’t wait to share this new work with you all.

Feel free to share this post or my website, with those you know who might be interested in what I am up to, word of mouth really is the best way to engage people!

Happy friday, make your dreams become reality!

Jasmine x