Well I am amazed to say that as of tomorrow I will have been home from New York for a month! How time flies, it has been a busy four weeks, and I have been trying to make up for my lapse in domesticity, making jam, bread and gourmet dinners, planting winter vegies, catching up with my neglected local friends, reading bits of books….blah blah blah.

I haven’t even got to printing of any of my NY photos yet, or answered any emails from new contacts (I know this breaks all trade show rules) but, I have been really enjoying letting my brain unwind and get round all the good that has flooded my life. I have read extra books to the little ones at night, I have been chatting to the family and even doing a little T.V watching at night with them, (instead of my usual disappearance into the studio).

Good things are happening, my creativity has been fertilised for like what feels will last about ten years, just by being in New York, by being alone with my brain (you mum’s will understand this). By trying and succeeding, by going so far out of my comfort zone and then challenging that zone.

I am now drawing most days, because it feels so pressure free and experimental. I have been to Melbourne to start thinking (talking mostly) about some new little projects (more in another blogpost) and I have more doors I could walk through now than I could have ever hoped for. So, in a big virtual hug & kiss to New York I will post up some of my favourite photos from my time there. I have moved on. It is officially “over” 🙂

jasmine xsnowing in times square